WhatsApp Gold Anti-Ban Update: Issue Resolved

When you open WhatsApp Gold, you see that your WhatsApp is suddenly banned. So disappointing for you, you need to know that WhatsApp can ban your account for some reasons. But you can avoid these reasons and restrictions and how to avoid them read below.

Why might a WhatsApp Gold account get banned?

First of all, you need to know the reasons why an account can be banned:

  • Spam: Your WhatsApp Gold account may be banned if you continuously send spam or inappropriate content.
  • Abuse of broadcast lists: Sending unsolicited messages to multiple recipients
  • Suspicious Activities: Unusual or suspicious activities
  • Violation of age restrictions: You may still be banned if you are underage and using WhatsApp Gold.

What types of WhatsApp Gold account bans are there?

WhatsApp bans are usually temporary. You are informed before a permanent ban that such action should be taken seriously.

How to avoid the WhatsApp Gold account ban?

  1. Be careful of unknown group links.
  2. Avoid sending spam or unsolicited messages.
  3. Update WhatsApp Gold to the latest version.

What can users do after WhatsApp Gold temporary ban to unban their account?

You can get permanent relief from it if you experience temporary restrictions. You follow these steps below:

  • Backup WhatsApp Gold data.
  • After the backup, uninstall the current version of WhatsApp Gold. And install the latest version.
  • After installation click on the restore backup option in WhatsApp Gold.
  • After that verify your number then enjoy on Gold WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts

The new version of WhatsApp Gold has fixed this issue if you face any issues then install the new version.

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