AN Whatsapp VS GB Whatsapp, Which one is the Best

NA WhatsApp is one of the most popular APKs of WhatsApp, which has many advanced and advanced features that you won’t find in official WhatsApp. It takes your chat to a higher level. Widely used by people around the world, it was developed by an Arabic developer and is an alternative to WhatsApp. After installing it on your phone you will understand why people use it and choose it.

What Is AN Whatsapp?

This app was developed by Arabic developer Ammar Al-Awadi and updated in May 2023. And till now its latest version is running the same. It allows you to create your own profile and works better than the official app. It can run multiple accounts.

First, you need to delete the official WhatsApp to install the app. After that you will create an account on it then you will get a golden theme which people also call Golden WhatsApp.

What Is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is also an alternative to the official WhatsApp. It also has functions that are present in GB WhatsApp. But if we say one better it would be GB WhatsApp it has more functions that are not in the official one.

2.7 billion people use WhatsApp all over the world but most people don’t know about GB Whatsapp. If you know about it, you will use it. In fact, it has additional features like sending large files, hiding online presence, hiding typing status, and allowing to use of multiple accounts.

Features Of AN WhatsApp

  • Automatic reply: You can also set up an automatic reply.
  • Large files: Key Features You can send up to 60 images and thousands of MB files at a time.
  • Download Status: You can also download someone’s status from this app.
  • Anti-restriction: Your account will never be banned.
  • The deleted message appears: Even if a sender deletes a message on your behalf, you can still read it.
  • Hide forward tag: You can forward any message without anyone knowing.

Features Of GB Whatsapp

  • Custom Themes: Both AN Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp provide you with custom theme features.
  • Download Status: You can also download someone’s status from this app.
  • Application Lock: With this app, you can also lock.
  • Large files: One of its features is that it allows sending up to 60 images and thousands of MB files at a time.
  • Confidentiality: Provides enhanced security to protect user data.
  • Automatic reply: The auto-reply feature is also present in GB WhatsApp.

The difference Between GB WhatsApp and AN WhatsApp

FeatureGB WhatsappAN Whatsapp
Auto reply✔️✔️
Larger File✔️✔️
Golden theme✔️
Status Download✔️✔️
Multiple acc✔️✔️
Best design✔️

Do Both Of These Apps Have Similarities?

GB WhatsApp and AN WhatsApp have almost the same features but there are some features that are not present in GB WhatsApp. But the point is that both are good apps.

Presence of additional features which are not available in the official WhatsApp. For example, ANWhatsApp offers features that GBWhatsApp doesn’t have as different developers make better versions of WhatsApp.


Both GB WhatsApp and AN WhatsApp are popular apps for users.

AN WhatsApp stands out with its features, such as the “anti-ban” feature, large file-sending capabilities, “golden theme” and other special elements. It is important to get information about potential security threats, especially GB Whatsapp.

For best security users should be careful and use official apps.

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