NA4 WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 13.18 (Premium Unlocked)

Have you tried all the ways to use a modified version of WhatsApp and still cannot use it in your country? If yes, then this revamped WhatsApp is supposed to fulfill all of your desires open-heartedly through its modified features. This fourth version has not only very unique color but also extremely different functionality. This distinguished functionality does not let it get banned and therefore works in every country. You can install the application in Android Auto using AAAD apk.

Download NAWhatsApp new Version

About NA4 WhatsApp 2024 Download

With the new year, there come a lot of new changes and this is 2024, so you must change the social application you are using right now. Without any question, we are all using WhatsApp as our primary source of messaging apps, but the question is does this application fulfill all of our needs or not? Unfortunately, the answer is no because there are some limits in the original app which need to be addressed through Whatsapp GB.

There are hundreds of modified applications out there on the internet; some of them are fake while others do not work properly. Still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is nothing but this modded WhatsApp created by Egyptian developer Nasir Al-Jaede. If you have no idea about the NA4 WhatsApp update like na3 whatsapp then it is to inform you that this is a pink-colored antiban application having 66 MBs of size. To know further about this modded application you had better take a glance at the following features.

Features of NA4 WhatsApp

Some of the finest features of this modified WhatsApp are the following:

Choose What to Read

Opening your WhatsApp account in the morning is nothing less than an adventure because a lot of messages suddenly attack your notification bar. In some rare cases, your phone also gets hanged and you cannot use it properly. However, if you have NA4 WhatsApp then you will get an option, through which you can only read those messages which you want to read. All you have to do is simply pick or star those messages or users whose messages you want to read. You can explore more about this features in GB WhatsApp download old version.

Have more control

Have more control over these voice notes so that you can play only those notes that you want to play. This control or authority can only be enjoyed if you install the NA4 WhatsApp APK because here you can stop this continuous playing of voice notes.

Engage with Yourself

Whatsapp NA gives the easiest way we get to write is to send a message to anyone, which is way too awkward. But not any longer because now it has allowed you to make an account of yourself and send messages to yourself. This engagement with yourself through your own WhatsApp account is quite beneficial for your social life.

No Language Barrier

NA4 WhatsApp has found a way to provide easy, reliable, and accurate translational services. All you have to do is to type the message in your native language and then tap the translation icon. This will open a new tab with hundreds of languages to choose and communicate.

React Through Bubbles

At times we want to end the conversation or just do not have the energy to reply while chatting with somebody on WhatsApp. However not replying is considered to be impolite, thereby NA4 WhatsApp has found a decent and neutral way to handle this situation.

Whenever you get such a message, you simply have to double-tap on that message and you will see tiny bubbles containing different reactions. These reactions range from love to anger from smile to worry and many more. According to your need and choice, you can simply tap on any of these bubbles and your reaction will be shown to the recipient.

Steps to download & install NA4 WhatsApp APK

Naturally, after knowing everything about this modded app, one question was raised in everyone’s mind and that is how to download NA4 WhatsApp?

Download the file from the given link and then install it manually.

NA4 WhatsApp download apk

Egyptian mod:

  • All time popular app has a pink colour with a specialty for ditching and banning securities.
  • This version can be a picture-perfect social app for those who love elegant themes and customized wallpapers while chatting with their loved ones.
  • This might not be a popular version, but honestly, NA WhatsApp has one of the finest sets of stickers, which are even not available in the original app.
  • Has everything that one can imagine in any social media app, so getting it is a win-win bargain for you.


In the world of fake modded applications, NA WhatsApp is the real one that allows you to read what you want to read along with more control over voice notes. Moreover, you can communicate with yourself as well as with others through a multilingual translation feature. Reacting through bubbles is also a proud feature of this mod, which has so far 8 different versions.

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