GbWhatsApp VS WhatsApp

Nowadays millions of people are using WhatsApp but there are few people who are using its alternative which is called GB WhatsApp. It is used by people because it has more features than other WhatsApp.

The difference between GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp is that GB is made by a third-party company. They have added additional features in this app, which are according to the demand and needs of the users. Which official WhatsApp doesn’t allow, uploading a status of more than 30 seconds?

A look at the features and their differences

Sending messages, interface, and everything else is almost the same. The difference between the two is that GBWhatsApp has additional features.


GB WhatsApp is very advanced in customization, you can do your own customization. Can install custom themes and fonts. In this, you can also change the color of the app icon. Want to explore some advanture try Tekken 3 apk download old version.

Official WhatsApp does not have these features, it only has black and light features.


GB WhatsApp gives you many privacy options like hiding messages, always showing online or offline, hiding double-tick features, etc. Due to this, you can also prank someone, etc. by playing these options.

Standard WhatsApp offers a few privacy features, like hiding messages or hiding your profile.


GB can send up to 90 images and 100 MB audio files to anyone in WhatsApp at once. You can download someone’s status without any other app. Video sending limit is allowed up to 50 MB. You can also upload a status of up to 7 minutes.

Official WhatsApp allows sending up to 30 images and 16 MB of video at a time. This app only allows a 30-second status upload.

Add passcode to your messages

In WhatsApp GB you can secure your personal chats by applying a passcode, while in the normal WhatsApp app, you need another third-party app to use this option.


This is the most interesting feature in GB WhatsApp. It shows you that the sender has deleted but is still visible.

In the original WhatsApp, you cannot view deleted messages.

In GB WhatsApp you can set the time and date of any message you want to send to your friends and send it at the scheduled time.

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