KB WhatsApp APK v33.00 Latest Version 2024 – The Ultimate Solution

Like common WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp APK is also a social app, through which you may exchange thoughts, media, documents, etc. However, there is a slight difference in the performance of this app, because it is a mod, which has modified previously available features. To know more about this remodeled app, tighten your seat belt because we are going to unravel this masterpiece.

Overview of KB WhatsApp APK

There are eight billion people on this earth and all of these people are somehow bound to each other. What binds these together, is technology, and what technology uses, is social apps. These social apps assist people to stay in contact and out of various social apps, WhatsApp is the leading flag-bearer.

Nevertheless, there are a bunch of problems with this artless application, such as it breaches your privacy. Furthermore, it gives you less control over your social life and that is what KB WhatsApp does like GB Whatsapp. Everything that goes missing in the original app, or every single gap in the original app is filled by this modified app.

Kb whatsapp apk

Features of KB WhatsApp APK

Some of the basic features of this revamped app are the following:

Choose when to Communicate

The freedom of choice in KB WhatsApp APK is remarkably high, where you get to find a “Do Not Disturb (DND)” mode. Through this mode, you can cut the stream of signals to this app only, whereas the rest of your activity remains normal. Therefore, whenever you do not want to communicate with anyone, simply enable this mode and relish your privacy.

Catchy DP

You do not want to upload your picture on your profile but want to put something beautiful out there. In such cases, KB WhatsApp has got your back with its finest collection of display pictures that align with your taste. Whether you prefer aesthetics or you want to upload urban pictures, there are always free-of-cost display pictures for you.

Hide Behind Ghost Mode!

With the latest update, the developers of KB WhatsApp APK proudly represent the “Ghost Mode.” To activate this mode, one simply needs to tap on the ghost emoji at the top of the screen and it will commence functioning. As the name represents, this mode is meant to ghost everyone in your contact list by hiding all of your activities. In this way, your contacts are unable to know whether you are online or offline; whether you have seen their messages or not.

New Month, New Update

Recent polls show that people are hesitant to install third-party apps because they are unable to update them. They are somewhat justified too, because it is not feasible to know whether an update is due or not, especially when there is no official app store. KB WhatsApp Alkaser is here with an easy solution they will update your app at the start of every month. Moreover, this update is going to be automatic, so that you don’t have to hustle through websites.

Prototypes of KB WhatsApp APK

Although this is a mod, yet there are several other subcategories in this mod too. You may find four different prototypes with entirely different features and functions. These prototypes are also called the updates and you may find the following updates here:

Black Update

This update is quite rare and cannot be found easily, because it works like an incognito mode. Everything that you do within your social media horizon, wraps up your activity. In other words, if you get KB WhatsApp Black, nobody will be able to know what are you doing or what you intend to do.

Red Update

If you love stickers and want to put on a new theme every day, then this particular version is meant for you. It permits you not only to get limitless themes but also to provide elegant stickers and GIFs.

Yellow Update

The golden or yellow version is known to be the premium version, which represents your royalty through your social media accounts. Besides, this kingly update has some unique features, which you may not find in any app or any other update.


To put everything in a nutshell, it is important to know that WhatsApp has become a global need, and therefore its mods are of great importance. KB whatsapp download is one such revamped mod that allows you to choose when to communicate. Moreover, it lets you enjoy limitless display pictures of your taste along with new updates every month. You may discover a ghost mode too, which is meant to keep your activity secret.

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