MB WhatsApp iOS APK Download v9.96 (Official Update) Anti-Ban

Communication that grows with you should go with you, and that is what MB WhatsApp does. This is a mod variant of the common WhatsApp application that helps you grow the level of communication with its pro features. Occupying the same space, it offers much more quality benefits than its common counterpart. Furthermore, it is specifically built for your iPhone and works smoothly without any glitches.

mb whatsapp apk

Features of MB WhatsAppiOS 2024

  • Say goodbye to those traditional emails and SMS, because this app lets you chat engagingly with colorful emojis and vibrant stickers seems like na3 whatsapp download.
  • Neither one nor two, but eight users can make a video call on this social platform without paying money, watching ads, or fulfilling any other condition.
  • Whether you want to promote your business or just want to share your thoughts, you will always need a larger community. This community is now available in MB WhatsApp with a new feature called ‘Community.’
  • Wherever you are, let your friends track you and reach your location with the latest feature of MB WhatsApp that lets you share instant location.
  • There are some chats, which you neither want to delete nor want anyone to see them. For such chats, you have an option of ‘archive’ that conceals them without deleting them.
  • Your privacy is all that the developers take care of and thereby they have allowed you to reply to any group member secretly, without hurting their privacy.
  • Those conventional stickers and tiny emojis are unable to wholly express your emotions and feelings. Therefore, the developers of MBWA believe that you should have access to animated GIFs and that’s what you will get.
  • Adhering to the latest standards of technology, users may find a QR scanner in the app that assists them in opening their accounts on any device at any time.
  • MB WhatsApp has also been linked to the banks and now you can send or receive money through it. Nevertheless, this particular feature is not available throughout the world and needs a VPN sometimes.
  • MB WhatsApp has also been linked to the banks and now you can send or receive money through it. Nevertheless, this particular feature is not available throughout the world and needs a VPN sometimes.
  • MB WhatsApp has also been linked to the banks and now you can send or receive money through it. Nevertheless, this particular feature is not available throughout the world and needs a VPN sometimes.
  • Apart from the common sets of stickers, some premium stickers are even more expressive and elegant.
  • A soothing and pacifying color scheme is at your service under the title of the ‘Dark Theme’ and this lets your eyes take some rest with the blackish screen. Dark theme features also available in gold whatsapp.

Pro Features of MB WhatsApp APK

  • From removing your online status to stopping others from sneaking into your chats, MB WhatsApp offers attractively amazing privacy.
  • Unlike that old-school WhatsApp, here you can forward your message or media file to as many users as you want to.
  • As compared to the common WhatsApp, MBWA lets you share media files of up to 2 GB, so you can share movies and web series!
  • No one dares to delete message for you, because this modified social messaging helps you retrieve and read all the deleted messages.
  • Here, your personality is represented through your personal choices such as personalized themes, fonts, backgrounds, notifications, etc.

Pros & Cons


  • Whether you make video calls or try voice calling, the quality of these calls is never compromised on MB WhatsApp.
  • Specifically built for iOS and offers great compatibility, so that you may not face issues as those of Android.
  • As compared to other social messaging apps, MB WhatsApp is equipped with more secure and safe features like ‘end-to-end encryption.


  • Due to the rapid responsiveness and easy interface of MB WhatsApp, misinformation and false news spread like a pandemic.
  • Scanning a single QR code can log and if somebody else scans this code, then account is at continuous risk of getting hacked.
  • Since WhatsApp was sold to Meta, it is allegedly believed that the user’s data is sold for advertisements. Therefore, nobody can guarantee the safety of your private data.

MB WhatsApp Problems & their Solutions

  • Most of the time, one cannot restore or backup media files, chat, documents, etc. and the reason behind this is inadequate space. Therefore, before backing up your data, ensure the adequacy of space.
  • In MB WhatsApp, you may face issues while downloading pictures and videos. To resolve this minor yet irritating issue, you need to clear the cached data of this app.
  • If a problem erupts while connecting the MBWhatsApp account, it is time to restart your device so that the network gets refreshed.

MB WhatsAppiOS Update Download

All the MB WhatsAppiOS updates have their pros and cons, and they are equally good for you. Depending on your choices, you may find the following updates of MB WhatsApp for your iPhone:

• MB WhatsAppiOS 14 – This is the basic version with classical features and smooth compatibility

• MB WhatsAppiOS 15 – This is the mediocre version that has average features for iOS 15

• MB WhatsAppiOS 16 – With the latest features, download this variant to avail yourself of the newest features for your iPhone.

Final Thought

MB WhatsApp iOS goes ahead of all other social messaging apps with its jaw-dropping advancements. It does not permit anyone to see whether you are online or offline. Similarly, it allows executing personal choices with its extended customization settings. With its several benefits, it also has some loopholes, which are negligible in the latest version of MB WhatsApp.

General FAQS

Is MB WhatsApp Pro safe or not?

There should be no concern regarding the safety and security of MB WhatsApp. Because it went through several tests during its beta phase and now the security has turned unbeatable.

What is the difference between MB WhatsApp and other mods?

Both of these are modified variants of the simple WhatsApp and overlap greatly in terms of features. However, GB WhatsApp is older and outdated whereas MB WhatsApp is the latest one with advanced features.

Why is MB WhatsApp not available on the Apple Store?

Apple app store might not show this mod because of the violation of policies. Therefore, you should try downloading this app in the form of an APK file and then install it to cheer your heart with MBWA.

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