AN Whatsapp VS FM Whatsapp, Which one is the Best

AN WhatsApp is one of the most popular APKs in WhatsApp, which has very advanced features you won’t get so many features in official WhatsApp. It takes your chatting to a higher level. People widely use it, an Arabic developer develops it and it is an alternative to WhatsApp. After installing it on your device you will understand why people choose it.

What Is AN Whatsapp?

This app was developed by Ammar Al Awadi and was updated in May 2023. It is still running the latest version. It allows you to create your own profile and works better than the official app. It can run multiple accounts.

First, you need to delete the official WhatsApp to install the app. After that you will create an account on it then you will get a golden theme which is why people call it AN Golden WhatsApp.

What Is FM Whatsapp?

FM WhatsApp is also an advanced version of WhatsApp, it also has all the non-alternative and advanced features. Almost everyone in the world uses the official app. If they come to know about FM WhatsApp or its features, they should leave it. It also allows you to hide large files and typing status.

Features Of AN WhatsApp

Auto Reply:

You can also set auto-reply, which is more useful for busy people.

Larger files:

AN WhatsApp important feature allows you to send up to 60 images and thousands of MB files at the same time.

Download status:

Downloading status feature is liked by people, for this purpose they download ANWhatsapp.


Your account will never get banned as it gives you high security.

Deleted message visible:

Even if a sender deletes a message on your behalf, you can still read it.

Features Of FM Whatsapp

Custom Themes:

AN WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp provide you with themes. Which can be downloaded in the app.

Download Status:

You can also download the status from the upload option.

Application Lock:

You can lock the app from its settings.

Large files:

It allows you to send up to 60 images and thousands of MB files at a time.


It provides better security to protect users’ data.

Automatic reply:

FM WhatsApp also has an auto-reply feature.

Difference Between FM Whatsapp And AN Whatsapp

FeatureFM whatsappAN Whatsapp
Auto reply✔️✔️
Larger File✔️✔️
FM WhatsApp✔️
Status Download✔️✔️
Multiple acc✔️✔️
Best design✔️

Do Both Of These Apps Have Similarities?

Now to decide which one is better among them? So I would say AN WhatsApp. It has some features which are not available in FM WhatsApp but still, it is the best version.

FM WhatsApp may have some security risks. And there is one notable thing that is not in the official WhatsApp. For example, AN WhatsApp has features that FM WhatsApp doesn’t have because these different developers or communities make better versions of WhatsApp.

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