WhatsApp rolling out the option to authenticate accounts with email address verification

WhatsApp has a new update in which you can link your account with email and verify it with email instead of SMS. This function was not present in the earlier WhatsApp but now it has been updated in the new WhatsApp. Now all users can use it.

WhatsApp adding email verification

Today WhatsApp has been updated for iPhone which has been released on the App Store. This new one has been added to email and will not work on SMS. Its alternative will work and whenever you move to another region you need to log in to your WhatsApp which you can’t do with numbers but now you can do with email.

To add an email, first click on the Profile tab. Then tap on Email Remember that WhatsApp has stated that Email is only used to access the account which is not visible to other people.

Another thing to keep in mind is that email is only for verification so you need a phone number for WhatsApp and WhatsApp will let users set a name instead of a phone number that can be shared. This option is yet to be released.

More about WhatsApp

WhatsApp launched a new app earlier this month which is WhatsApp for MacBook which has been redesigned to allow you to run two accounts on the same device and this option has also been introduced in Android.

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